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This is Children of the World, Norway

Children of the World, Norway (CWN) is a humanitarian organization based on membership, which is neutral with regard to politics and religion/outlook on life. The organization`s vision and ultimate goal is to always work in the best interest of the child. Today, Children of the World consists of more than 3 600 members as well as 3 150 sponsors.
Every other year, the National Congress is held, which lays down the guidelines for the work of Children of the World. Here, one also elects the Board of Management, which heads the running of the organization over the two-year period. Children of the World co -operates with seven different countries with adoption or/and aid work. These countries are India, China, South Korea, Romania, South Africa, Thailand and North Korea.



Children of the World has its origin in the Norwegian Korean Association, which was founded in 1953 by personnel at the Norwegian field hospital stationed in South Korea during the Korean War. The Norwegian Korean Association among other things made a great effort in the fight against tuberculosis in Korea. The association also conveyed contact between Norwegians who wanted to adopt children and Korean institutions that arranged adoption to foreign countries in the 50s and 60s. Because of the association’s continued involvement, it was granted a license for adoption arrangement from South Korea to Norway in 1969, as the first organization in Norway.

In 1978, when the association wanted to expand its operation to more countries, adoption and aid work were branched off to become a separate department which got the name Children of the World, while the Norwegian Korean Association remained an association for conveying information about Korean culture. In 1989, Children of the World was merged with the Norwegian Korean Association under the name Children of the World.

Today, Children of the World has 23 local departments distributed over all the counties in the country. There, our applicants and adoptive families meet other families who have adopted or are planning to adopt, and benefit from their experience. Getting to meet others in the same situation, with the same questions and thoughts, is just as important as factual information. Moreover, the local departments often provide a valuable network for the adoptive children themselves.


The association’s superior aims are:

  • To contribute to the work with helping children in difficult situations, in accordance with the UN declaration on the child’s right to special protection, social and material security, care and positive childhood conditions, and the Haag convention on the protection of children and cooperation at international adoptions.
  • To especially initiate and support measures that can ensure that all adoption of children happens in accordance with the social and legal principles that secure the child’s rights and are for the best of the child overall.



Through its work, Children of the World has found good Norwegian homes for over 8000 foreign children. The organization plays a central role, both before, during and after the adoption process. In other words, Children of the World has extensive experience and very good knowledge of adoption - experience that we share with new adoption applicants. Every day information about adoption is sent to applicants, and every day the staff at Children of the World receive phone calls and e-mails from applicants with questions about their adoption process. Children of the World works hard to ease the waiting period for the applicants through good service and information, and by always being available for questions.


Post adoption services

Children of the World also plays an important role for many adoptive children. They adress the organization`s post adoption services with questions about their origin and birth country. Children of the World has for several years arranged family tours to South Korea for the adopted children and their families, and starting from 2006 the organization arranged it's first family tour to China. The organization also helps those families who want to visit by themselves the child`s birth country. Adoptees over 18 years old can every year apply for a travel grant that should be used to experience their country of birth through travelling and cultural events or studies. Every summer, Children of the World arrange summer camp for adoptive children from the age of 12- 18 years. During summer camp the youth participate in a variety of activities like Tae kwon doe, swimming, aerobics, soccer, cooking and more, but the most important thing for many is the friends they make during this week.

Video from Children of the World:


Aid work

Children of the World aims to help children get a better life, and to give them a brighter future. Through sponsorship, our 3150 sponsors bring hope and care into the everyday life to children in India, Thailand, South Korea, Romania and South Africa. The sponsors establish close ties to one individual child. Twice a year, they receive an extensive report with a picture of the sponsored child. They thereby follow the child’s development throughout its childhood and youth. The help gets there, and it makes a difference. As a sponsor in Children of the World, one gives help that matters. The help reaches children who suffer from physical and mental disabilities, and who are orphans or live with their families in slum areas. Often, the destitution is so great that there seems to be no hope for tomorrow. The help that our sponsors provide brings hope into everyday life, and gives the children a safer future. The sponsors give support for care and nursing. Through sponsorship, children in difficult situations get necessary help in an otherwise hopeless existence. The sponsorship sum primarily goes to care and nursing. Among other things, the sponsor children are offered schooling, medical attention and nourishment.


Help projects

Through the years, Children of the World has engaged its members and sponsors in different fundraising campaigns to raise money for various help project in our co- operating countries. Through campaigns, the members and sponsors have contributed with money to build a Child Care home in Mumbai, India, to supply two orphanages with 300 children in North Korea with food and clothes, to support children in China in a project called Plan Tomorrow, to support children in Thailand after the Tsunami in 2004, to help with the rebuilding in India after the monsoon in 2005, and many more projects.


Video sponsorship and aid work


The staff at Children of the World, Norway See here

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